September 29, 2018
Massage In Dadar
Massage In Dadar

There is nothing better than a full body massage that can help you relax from the daily stress and physical pains that we have to face in our routine lifestyle. When you think your body is losing its energy and you need to feel more positive, then you should help revitalize your body at a massage center in dadar. Spas and parlors offer several types of services, and each one of them has its own set of benefits.

If you are confused on which one should you opt for then here is a list of famous services that are most beneficial for you:

Thai– This is the technique of massage which helps in energizing the body. It is a combination of rubbing movements, assisted yoga, and passive stretching. The therapist helps you with the body movements and stretches you out in different postures. It uses rhythmic compression and works along the energy lines present in our body to reduce stress, the range of motion and flexibility in our body.

Aromatherapy – Oils are what make Aromatherapy special. You can say that your body gets double benefits – massage and the essential oils. These oils are natural extracts from different parts of plants. Every oil is beneficial in its own way and has healing properties. For instance, lavender oil helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It also makes you cognitive and improves sleeplessness. Other benefits of this oil include reducing acne, relieving pain, restoring complexion of the skin, etc.

Swedish– It is quite common in almost all spa centers in dadar because it is highly relaxing. Unlike the Asian roots that body massage has this is a Western service and is grounded on the concepts of physiology and anatomy. Regular broad strokes are used by therapists who then move to strokes that are concentrated depending on the problem areas of the customer. There are five basic moves that the therapist usually uses – vibration (rocking and shaking movements), effleurage (long smooth strokes), and lifting), friction (wringing or small circular movements), tapotement (percussion), and petrissage (kneading, rolling). Therapists use lotions or oils in this type of body spa.

Shiatsu– This is a type of Japanese bodywork where the therapist uses pressure (fingers, elbows, and hands) in a rhythmic way on certain points. The pressure is made of about 5 to 8 seconds. It helps in stimulating the acupressure points on our body which then has your blocked energy flowing once again. Shiatsu usually doesn’t use any lotion or oil but sometimes if client requests then a mild lotion is used in the process. It is beneficial in all types of stress-related health problem, problems of the neck/back/spine, sciatica and interrupted sleep. It also helps in improving the digestive system and aids in quick recovery from injuries.

Our massage center in dadar offers these services along with several more. The trained therapists and serene environment will help you feel revived and invigorated.


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