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There is nothing better than a revitalizing body massage to get back the energy that you lost because of your hectic schedule. We offer some of the best techniques at our parlour for massage in Borivali. We have a range of different types of massage to offer our clients and one of the most loved body massages is the famous Thai Massage.

Female to Male Massage - What is a Thai Massage?

Traditionally a Thai Massage is known as NuadBoran and it has been practiced in Thailand for the past 2,500 years. A Thai massage is very different from all the other massages. Having a positive attitude in healing your body will help you benefit more from this special massage. Our body has energy lines flowing within and when the therapist puts gentle pressure on them your body tends to relax.

You tend to attain deep relaxation which helps in restoring sleep. Thai massage uses yoga like movements which adds to the flexibility of the body thereby reducing muscle stress and strain. Regular sessions of this massage help people to balance their blood pressure and it also helps in keeping the heart healthy.

Thai massage also helps in enhancing the movement of oxygen in the body and lowers migraines and headaches. It helps you think clear and improves your memory too.

Where to Get a Thai Massage?

You can walk in for a Thai massage in Borivali at our parlour where an expert therapist will take you through a session of Thai body massage.

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Best Body Massage Price in Borivali

Female to Male Massage

Rs. 1900

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Rs. 1500

Traditional Massage

Rs. 1700

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs. 1800

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