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One of the best massages to consider if you suffer from chronic pain or other muscular pains in your body is neuromuscular therapy massage. You can get this massage in Chembur at our famous spa. Our therapists have been trained to perform the massage so you can be sure of best results from this massage. The massage is relaxing and improves your blood flow.

Wrong posture puts a lot of pressure on the nerves of your body and when your posture is improved the extra pressure from them is also removed. The therapist’s movements are focused on treating the muscle spasms that lead to chronic pain in the other parts of the body.

The Neuromuscular massage manipulates the soft tissue in our body and helps in improving the muscular and nervous system. The therapist massages your body targeting especially the points where you are experiencing pain. The point of pain is known as trigger points. Besides relieving your pain it also helps in improving your posture. Overstraining the muscles cause trigger points. These points are very small areas on the muscles where there is a shortening or hardening of muscle. This specific area is quite painful and this is because it lacks nutrients and blood and this is why the muscle is unable to relax. The pain is so bad that it may cause fatigue, pain and weakness in the muscles and discomfort to your whole body.

You should definitely experience this massage in Chembur at our parlour.

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Best Body Massage Price in Chembur

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Rs. 1900

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Rs. 1500

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Rs. 1700

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Rs. 1800

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