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Body massage is a natural and relaxing way to get rid of daily stress and many other physical pains. We would be able to handle the everyday strenuous activities and work stress only if our physical and mental health is sound. Among the many massages that we have to offer at our spa one of them is LomiLomi Massage. You can get this massage in Colaba. LomiLomi is an amazing massage that uplifts your mood and heals your physical being.

Female to Male Massage in Colaba - Lomilomi Massage

It is a powerful Hawaiian massage and has been used by the Hawaiians to heal themselves for centuries. LomiLomi massage is based on the concept of ‘Huna’ and its philosophies of healing. Huna believes that all seek harmony and love. LomiLomi is actually ‘Loving hands Massage’. The massage nurtures your body and mind’s strength from being painful and stressful back to being energetic. When your body lacks harmony you feel pain which can be – emotional, physical and even spiritual. LomiLomi facilitates complete healing of the body by clearing theseblockages and promoting abundant flow of energy throughout the body.

The massage in done in a rhythmic motion and the therapist uses gentle stretches in the massage sessions. Native Hawaiian music played at the background uplifts the mood of the environment. LomiLomi is a wonderful traditional way to bounce your body back to its original health. You can benefit from this massage in Colaba at our spa.

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