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Balinese Massage was developed in Indonesia, Bali from where it gets its name. The massage does have influence of other massages that were developed in Southeast Asia yet it has its own special benefits and feel. You can get a Balinese Massage in Dahisar in our parlour. It is a refreshing massage and gives several benefits when combined with aromatherapy and hot stones.

Balinese massage uses gentle and firm strokes, acupressure, flicking and rolling of the skin, percussion (tapping on the surface of the body to check the condition especially that of abdomen) and application of essential oils. The massage focuses on stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen within your body. It helps in releasing the ‘Qi’ within you. It heals your body, relaxes your mind and makes your physically well.

Aroma oils are an important part of the Balinese massage the choice of oils can help you calm down and relax. They have a soothing effect on both your mind and body. The therapist uses the oil and uses the Balinese strokes to work all over your body, slowly inside your body. The therapist will work on the damaged muscles and knotted tissues to relives your body from tension. Gentle strokes make their way over your body and that help in relaxing and improving your blood circulation.

Balinese Massage is a wonderful way to help your body to re-energize and revitalize. We offer a variety of different therapies along with Balinese Massage in Dahisar.

Best Female to Male Body Massage in Dahisar

Female to Male Massage in Dahisar

Female to Male Massage

Swedish Massage in Dahisar

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Dahisar

Hot Stone Massage

Ayurvedic Massage in Dahisar

Ayurvedic Massage

Thai Massage in Dahisar

Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Dahisar

Deep Tissue Massage

Best Body Massage Price in Dahisar

Female to Male Massage

Rs. 1900

Ayurvedic Massage

Rs. 1500

Traditional Massage

Rs. 1700

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs. 1800

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