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It is high time that you took charge of your well-being. The routine of job, home and other chores can stress you out. We are all aware that different lifestyle diseases destroy our health and make us mentally upset. The best way to help your body heal naturally is to get a body massage. Amongst the several types of body massages that we offer at our center for massage in Hyderabad one of the best ones is Shiatsu Massage. Keep reading to know the benefits of Shiatsu.

This form of body massage is from Japan and it translates to ‘finger pressure’. The bodywork uses different movements including soothing, tapping, kneading, pressing and stretching. Originally Shiatsu is performed without the use of any oils and is pure body massage. Today Shiatsu is merged with modern therapeutic knowledge.

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What is Shiatsu?

Japanese medicine believes in a form of energy that is within our body – “Qi” and Shiatsu therapists stimulate this Qi through Vital Points. The Qi helps in the restoring all the functions of the body in a proper way. When the flow of Qi with the body is disturbed then we tend to face health issues. Some of these problems begin with cold, fever, headache, muscle pain etc. When you come to our body massage center in Hyderabad we will assign you with a trained Shiatsu therapist who understands the pattern of a disharmonized body. Regular sessions of Shiatsu will restore your health back and give you the required energy to deal with your work and lifestyle.

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What Happens in a Shiatsu Session?

After talking to you about our therapist will determine the pattern of imbalance of Qi in your body because each one has a different body and they suffer with various types of conditions. This helps in giving the therapist in giving you a beneficial session of Shiatsu which is usually customized according to the client’s needs. The therapist focuses on the parts where the Qi is at its lowest. The therapist applies pressure on the different Vital Points using different techniques and works on bringing back the flow of Qi within the body to get back to its regular health. Shiatsu is an energizing massage technique which is why the therapist maintains the balance of Qi. Shiatsu massage helps in maintaining your wellness and betters strength of the body. Family demands, stressful jobs, lack of proper exercise, active lifestyle etc. can have your energy drained and regular sessions of Shiatsu massage can help you face all this everyday.

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Some Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Relieves cold, cough and other respiratory problems

Treats bowel troubles, digestive disorders and even morning sickness

Fights fatigue and weakness in the body

Cures headaches and migraines

Heals pain from arthritis, sprains and other body pains

Helps people in stiff neck, back pain and shoulder pain

Helps people who suffer with sleeplessness to sleep soundly

You can get a relaxing Shiatsu massage in Hyderabad at our center from an expert massaging therapist.

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Rs. 1900

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Rs. 1800

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