Massage in Jubilee Hills | Female to Male Body Massage in Jubilee Hills

Body massage can work wonders for your body especially when you are really stressed out or suffering from chronic pain. Pampering your body gives you perfect health and adds longevity to your skin. We offer some of the best massages at our parlour for massage in Jubilee Hills. Some of the massages that we have to offer include – aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Balinese massage, Lomi Lomi massage and several more.

Here are some reasons to why you should get a body massage:

Say Goodbye to Morning Stiffness –

Stiff neck can be very painful and it doesn’t usually heal quickly. It happens because of poor sleeping position because of which the muscles get strained.

Boosts Mood and Helps in Sleep –

Massage helps in increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body by 28% and 31% respectively. Both the compounds are neurotransmitters and connected with happiness and motivation. Even a simple facial massage or foot massage can help in calming down your mind. This helps you to get a sound sleep.

Helps in Muscle Soreness –

Muscle soreness can hinder several of your routine tasks such as gym, driving or work. The movement of some of your body parts gets restricted because of the pain which is why you face difficulty in doing those tasks effectively. This continuous pain keeps increasing daily and things could get worse. A good body massage helps in relaxing your body and relieves you of muscle soreness.

You can receive a customized massage in Jubilee Hills at our parlour.

Best Body Massage in Jubilee Hills

Female to Male Massage in Jubilee Hills

Female to Male Massage

Swedish Massage in Jubilee Hills

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Jubilee Hills

Hot Stone Massage

Ayurvedic Massage in Jubilee Hills

Ayurvedic Massage

Thai Massage in Jubilee Hills

Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Jubilee Hills

Deep Tissue Massage

Best Body Massage Price in Jubilee Hills

Female to Male Massage

Rs. 1900

Ayurvedic Massage

Rs. 1500

Traditional Massage

Rs. 1700

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs. 1800

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  • Very professional and very approachable team of therapist. I'll never go anywhere else. Keep up the Great Work, You are all amazing!


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