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Oils or creams are not the only things that are used in body massage at parlours and spas. Among the several therapies and massages that we offer at our parlour for massage in Kharghar is Hydrotherapy. The concept of spa is connected to healing waters. Ancient people used natural spring waters to heal their physical body pains. The word Hydrotherapy comes from the Greek word ‘hydro’ which means water and ‘therapeuo’ which means to cure or heal.

Female to Male Massage in Kharghar - Hydrotherapy Treatments

An interesting form of hydrotherapy is Thalassotherapy where the therapist makes use of products like seaweed, algae or mud from sea. Algae is rich in protein and the mud or clay has many important minerals that are beneficial to the body. It helps in restoring the chemical balance of our body. The effect is doubled when you use seawater to immerse yourself. All the minerals penetrate through the skin.

Hydrotherapy also involves taking bath under a vertical shower that has many shower heads spraying on you through different directions. There is a certain pressure at which the water is released and the positioning of the shower heads is also done in a special way. Before the shower clay or algae is applied all over your body.

After the pack of algae is dried on your body there is another way to wash it off. The water is released in circular movements through the jets and usually the therapist washes it off your body. The environment for the place of shower is made soothing with fragrance and music.

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Rs. 1700

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Rs. 1800

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