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A complete body massage is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax and get rid of all the physical pain. However, a foot massage also has great benefits and can instantly lift your mood and relax you. Get a massage in Mahim at our parlour along with many more relaxing therapies. Every organ in our body has a connection with our feet and their points are located under our feet. Foot massage involves triggering these points and massaging them.

Female to Male Massage in Mahim- benefits of a foot massage:

1. Helps in Reducing Depression and Anxiety

Massaging the feet while working on the points under them stimulates the proper working of the organs. Regular sessions of foot massage have known to fight with anxiety and depression. Feet take the load of our body and they need to be pampered in regular intervals so then can continue working in a healthy way.

2. Helps with Chronic Heel Pain and Flat Feet

The normal arch of the foot is absent in people who have flat feet. Although some don’t experience any pain but some experience pain even after a little physical activity and a foot massage helps in alleviating this pain. Even chronic heel pain that may be caused because of inflammation or the weakening of the connective tissue supporting the feet is also relieved.

Some more benefits of a foot massage include – prevention of ankle and foot injuries, improved circulation, controlled blood pressure and promotion of an overall healthy body.

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Best Body Massage Price in Mahim

Female to Male Massage

Rs. 1900

Ayurvedic Massage

Rs. 1500

Traditional Massage

Rs. 1700

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs. 1800

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