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Body massages are effective only when your body has first been exfoliated. Exfoliation plays an important role in body massage because it gets rid of dirt and opens up the pores of the skin. This helps in the proper absorption of creams or oils used while massaging the body. Spas use salt and sugar when exfoliation is needed. Sugar scrubs are quite effective exfoliators and they quickly get rid of the dead skin cells. Our parlour for massage in Malad offers different therapeutic massages along with body exfoliation to deepen the effects of massage.

Sugar scrub has been found to be more manageable and lesser painful compared to other exfoliators. It suits even the most sensitive skin. It definitely is better than salt scrub. However, the choice of exfoliator may vary for each person.

Sugar scrub is often mixed with an essential oil to make the exfoliation session better. Rose geranium, lavender and grapefruit are preferred essential oils for this. The blend of scrub and oil has a hydrating effect and quickly removes all external agents off your skin.

A room with a accessible shower is generally used for the exfoliation process so you can remove the exfoliator and then proceed for the massage session. Exfoliation prepares your body for the massage and helps in absorbing all the minerals and goodness of the massaging agents or masks used in the process of massage.

We offer body massage in Malad along with exfoliation at our parlour.

Best Female to Male Body Massage in Malad

Female to Male Massage in Malad

Female to Male Massage

Swedish Massage in Malad

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage in Malad

Hot Stone Massage

Ayurvedic Massage in Malad

Ayurvedic Massage

Thai Massage in Malad

Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Malad

Deep Tissue Massage

Best Body Massage Price in Malad

Female to Male Massage

Rs. 1900

Ayurvedic Massage

Rs. 1500

Traditional Massage

Rs. 1700

Deep Tissue Massage

Rs. 1800

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