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A massage helps in alleviating all your body pain and helps you relax physically and psychologically. It is the solution to a relaxed body and mind. If you are looking for massage in Powai then we have a range of different massages to offer at our parlour. One of the massages that we recommend to our clients is the Hot Stone Massage.

Female to Male Massage in Powai - What is Hot Stone Massage?

The origin of Hot Stone Massage comes from the Native Americans. They used stones, warmed them on fire and used them to treat muscle pains. However, presently there is a bit different approach to using the hot stones for massage. Some spas and parlours call it warm stone massage, lava stone massage etc.

Hot stones used for the massage are black volcanic rocks or basalt. These stones come in different sizes and have been smoothened naturally. The choice of stones is because they are good at both absorbing and retaining heat. The stones are sanitized and then heated in a water bath of 120° - 150°. The hot stones are then placed on the aching muscles and specific points and then the therapist massages your body. Someone who is a pro at Hot Stone Massage will also place the stones in different patterns. The energy of the body begins to flow in a better way once the Hot Stone Massage is done.

Get a Hot Stone Massage in Powai at our spa.

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Best Body Massage Price in Powai

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Rs. 1900

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Rs. 1800

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