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Body massages not only relax you mind and body but also give you a youthful look. Facial massages helps in reversing the early signs of ageing and gives back the lost youthful glow to your face. You should try Belavi Massage in Santacruz at our spa if you are looking to revive the freshness of your face and look young too.

Female to Male Massage in Santacruz -Belavi Massage

Belavi massage is also known as Bellanina massage. The massage stimulates the blood vessels in the tissue of your face. It also promotes the lymphatic drainage. A therapist will use a hot towel or mask to open up the pores on your face. The next step included rubbing in various clarifying lotions and moisturizers so they penetrate deep in your skin. This heals your skin and supplies it with the necessary vitamins that it has been craving for. Most will feel a difference just after the first session. Regular facials of Belavi can help the dullest skin to get a youthful glow.

The Belavi therapy was developed about 40 years ago by Belle Tuckerman who created this facial. It has a holistic approach and besides just healing your face it also calms down your mind. The main elements of Belavi massage are acupressure points which help in releasing pain and better the blood circulation. It promotes skin elasticity and gets rid of the fine wrinkles on skin and under the eye.

We offer Belavi massage in Santacruz along with several other massages and relaxing therapies.

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Rs. 1800

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