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For someone who loves to enjoy body massages they shouldn’t miss the Four Hand Massage. It is a remarkable way to relax and restore your body from the daily hectic routine that you have. Get a Four Hand Massage in Worli at our spa. It has a different way of massaging your body and the results from it are amazing.

Female to Male Massage in Worli - Four Hands Massage

This is a comfortable massage and takes two therapists to deliver optimum results. Just like its name suggests – Four Hands, two therapists work all over your body in a synchronised way. If one therapist is massaging your leg the other will do the same. They take on each side – which means one massages the left side of your body while the other takes on the right. The moves of the massage are also the same in this technique of massage. This is done so the individual feels the same comfort when the massage is being done.

Therapists will use aided stretching, smooth strokes, kneading and deep pressure where required so your body is completely relaxed. The technique used in the Four Hands massage is similar to that of a Swedish Massage however, the level of relaxation and comfort is double because there are two therapists working on the massage. It helps in relieving your body from soreness, relaxes the mind and improves circulation. Four Hands massage encourages an overall healing of your body.

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Best Body Massage Price in Worli

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Rs. 1900

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Rs. 1500

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Rs. 1700

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Rs. 1800

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